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The constant evolution of the internet these past few years brought us many new ways of enjoying it. The first way of integrated entertainment people experienced was the chat rooms. There people used to meet as many people as they wanted all around the world. By instant messaging (with a little delay) they could use text to develop conversations and, this way, use internet aiming not only information, education and professionalism. The natural way of things headed the greatest internet developers to improve the virtual chat rooms with more interactivity and making people feel closer one from each other. This way, a few years ago, the use of webcams became very popular between most internet users. Today people can find many kinds of webcams to fit on their necessities. Their prices went very low, if compared to the beginning of their commercialization. The price, today, is accessible to everyone that owns a computer and has it connected on the internet.

The use of a webcam can be very varied, from person to person. Some can use it as an approaching way to contact friends and relatives. That is because it can be much more interesting than a simple and expensive phone call. If two person have internet connection and a webcam, that is more than 90% of the way. After that, just choosing software and these two people will be able to experience real time video and/or audio conversation.

People can also find available on the internet some adult sites to use webcams as a way to find virtual sex. That is a very common �and safe� practice. Instead of going out to a club or a bar, people are staying at home and meeting people just for casual sex. That does not implicate on showing face or saying real name. Most of the times people show just what they want: genitals or body parts.

Companies use webcams for video conference: a very easy way to gather important people wherever they are. So, it became a very cheap way of interact with important and/or new people, from your street or other continent.

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